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2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Front Mount Intercooler Kit

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We saw as much as a 50 degree drop or an average of 36 degrees in post intercooler intake air temps on stock ECU mapping by simply swapping out intercooler setups. These results will only be amplified when running more boost via ECU tuning. More boost out of a tiny turbocharger = higher temps. Higher temps = increased chances of knock/detonation, thus limiting power and reliability.

Though the power gains may seem minimal on a stock or near stock car running factory boost levels, gains become much greater when turning the boost up and pushing things to the max. Aftermarket intercoolers are intended to reduce post intercooler intake air temps as much as possible to make the engine and forced induction system as efficient as possible, thus drastically improving engine/component longevity. We expect our Cobra CAI system to compliment this FMIC quite well in an effort to reduce intake air temps even more!

Kit Includes:
Front Mount Intercooler Assembly
(4) 4-Ply Silicone Coupers
(8) 304 Stainless Steel Worm Clamps
(1) Hot Side Intercooler Pipe (Textured Black)
(1) Cold Side Intercooler Pipe w/ Mounting Bracket and Machined Billet Aluminum Flange (Textured Black)
(1) -4AN O-Ring to 1/4" Hose Barb (Black)