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Tune Purchase Policy:

By purchasing this file, the purchasing party agrees to hereby release Two Step Performance, Innovative MotorWorks, employees of the businesses, and/or whomever is supplying calibrations from any and all responsibilities in the case that any damage occurs during the use of said calibrations. The purchasing party agrees to not bring any legal means/action, social media defamation, or similar towards TSP, IMW or staff of each from the result of damage that may occur when using the calibration. The purchasing party accepts the fact that he/she is putting the vehicle under higher operating loads than the vehicle manufacturer originally intended, and understands this disclaimer completely. The purchasing party understand the calibration is the intellectual property of TSP/IMW. The purchasing party understands there are no refunds once a file has been released. This disclaimer simply releases Two Step Performance, Innovative MotorWorks, and/or the staff of each from any responsibilities in the event any problems may occur with the vehicle in the present or future.

All tunes are designed and sold for off road use only.